What is Keratin?

Your hair structure is a combination of a complex natural protein called keratin and moisture.  In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for approximately 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%.   Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability.

Unfortunately straighteners, colours, perms, blow drying, sun damage, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday wear and tear like brushing can damage your hairs keratin and moisture levels.

How do you know your hair is damaged?  Well your hair will feel and look coarse, woolly and dull.  If we look at our hair through a microscope you would see cracks, splits and craters in your hair strands.

How does it work ?

NANOKERATIN by TANAGRA is a revolutionary approach which uses the combination of keratin and Nanotechnology to recover cuticle damage in the hair by replacing the hairs natural keratin lost through chemical and heat usage.

This advanced state of the art system produces keratin Nanomolecules turning them into a micro mist which is then brushed into the hair.  Unlike traditional keratin sprays, the NANOKERATIN process reaches the flaws and fissures of strands avoiding the hyper conditioning and the feeling of dry hair.

The NANOKERATIN machine turns the keratin into an incredibly fine and powerful penetrating mist which is able to insert into the damaged areas of the hair structure.  The Nanomolecules are locked into the hair with another mist, forming permanent and insoluble keratin, just like natures’ own

Repair is approximately 80% effective on the first application, 90% on the second and 100% on the third application. The NANOKERATIN system uses the same keratin protein as would be found in your hair, but in its smallest possible size, which is then locked into the hair structure for permanent repair.


Your hair will be washed with the TANAGRA Phase 1 deep cleansing shampoo and then dried thoroughly.

Keratin is then applied through the hair using the NANOKERATIN machine, The use of Nanotechnology means keratin is able to be deposited deep inside the strands of your hair.

The moisture is then taken out of the hair using a drying process before a “seal and shine” treatment is misted onto your hair using the NANOKERATIN machine to lock the keratin in.

This treatment gives incredible results including increased length, eliminates frizz, strengthens the hair strands, extends life of your colour, improves manageability and shine and helps to repair the hair through frequent colouring, perming and straightening.

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