History of Tanagra Nanokeratin

NANOKERATIN was invented and continues to be manufactured in Brazil.   Dr Fausto Silva discovered the system whilst working for the Cancer Research Institute in Brazil, trying to find a cure for skin cancer. Using Nanotechnology on his patients’ arms he had so far been unsuccessful in curing their cancer but found that the hair on their arms was becoming stronger and healthier. It took 6 years to develop this find, into a product, which could be used on human hair.    

His company “TANAGRA” is now one of the biggest names in the hairdressing industry in Brazil for innovative products and services. The NANOKERATIN Molecular System can be found in most salons throughout South America and is now available in many countries around the world, including Central America, USA, Portugal, Spain, Greece, UAE,  Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

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